Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food, Beautiful Food!

Christine, organizer of the knitting group at ECC, has been raving for years about the amazing "tea" put on by her friend Judy Sagami, and for her birthday, she organized a tea for a group of friends and co-workers.

(click on pictures for a larger view!)

The food that Judy creates is simply amazing! The savory course consisted of 5 sushi-sized tidbits of pure creativity. This is not sushi (it is not based on rice), and it is a wonderful cross of Asian and European tastes. Just for one example, the cucumber wrap in the picture had goat cheese inside and tomatoes on top. There was a sort of gyoza, a sort of mini-Vietnamese spring roll, and a combo of lotus root (renkon) with beef brisket.

This was followed by a dessert course that out-did the savory course, as if that were possible! Each guest received a plate of 5 different dessert bites. A mother and baby bunny made of strawberries and white chocolate? A mini apple pie with a rose made out of dried apple? Who could imagine such things?

And because our time was sadly limited, a favor box with two kinds of scone/biscotti type cookies, with actual live roses stuffed with maybe honey butter and apricot jam? Oh. my. goodness. Pure genius!

Christine and her son Eden served, and modest chef-genius Judy Sagami had to be coerced into having her picture taken.

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