Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greek Salad on a stick

For Deborah and Jeff's annual garden party, I decided to create a recipe based on a picture I tore out of a magazine. the original picture showed red onions, black olives, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. I went to the farmer's market with that in mind and stopped off at Eliki's stall for my favorite feta. I told the guy what I had in mind and he had me taste test both black and green olives as well as roasted sweet red peppers. Sold!

So on each skewer I had a chunk of red onion, a chunk of good feta cheese. a grape tomato, a black olive, a chunk of red pepper and a green olive. I decorated the tray with fresh oregano. In a jar, I mixed together the juice of a home grown lemon, some olive oil, and some dried oregano, along with several grinds of pepper and sea salt. I poured that over just before serving. It was very well received--only a single skewer was left, and I pawned that off on someone so that I could take home the fabulous 99 cent store tray I served it on.

Deborah has many interesting friends and there was lots of good wine, good conversation, and tasty food.

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